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Become a Fellow

Through our flagship Horizon Fellowship, we place fully-funded fellows at host organizations to help tackle policy challenges related to artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and other emerging technologies.


Fellows selected for our program receive policy-focused training, mentorship, and support in matching with a host organization for a full-time, fully-funded fellowship based in the Washington, DC area.

Potential host organizations include executive branch offices, congressional offices, and think tanks.


What you get from the fellowship

As a Horizon fellow, you would receive:

Dedicated training

on the policy landscape and applied skills such as writing and policy analysis


with a tight-knit group of peers who share your interests


to many possible host offices central to US AI and biosecurity policy


from senior leaders and the broader Horizon community

Financial support

at competitive rates during your placement

Fellows are selected for a one-year term at a federal agency, congressional office, or think tank, with the option of renewing for a second one-year term (potentially on a different institutional track).

Junior think tank fellows are selected for a six-month term and can renew for a second six-month term. Fellows receive a $105,000/year living stipend and junior fellows $70,000/year; both also have access to more than $20,000 worth of benefits such as health care and professional development stipends. Increases may be considered on the basis of need (see our FAQ for more details).

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