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The Horizon Institute for Public Service is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that helps

the US government navigate our era of rapid technological change by fostering the next generation of emerging technology policy talent.

The Challenge

Advances in fields like artificial intelligence (AI) and biotechnology are profoundly shaping virtually every area of domestic and foreign policy. But too often, policymakers lack access to the expertise they need to take advantage of new technologies and to guard against the risks they pose. At the same time, many talented technology experts feel called to public service but lack the training, policy understanding, and networks required to pursue careers in policy and contribute to societal debates.

The Mission

Constructive US leadership is critical to reaping the rewards and mitigating the risks associated with emerging technologies. Horizon helps the US government navigate our era of rapid technological change by training and supporting the next generation of emerging technology policy leaders. We do so through programs like the Horizon Fellowship that provide talented students and professionals with access to the resources and mentorship they need to launch their careers in public service.

Focus areas

Horizon's two primary focus areas are currently artificial intelligence and biosecurity. Technological developments in these areas have wide-ranging implications across many social, economic, and security domains. As highlighted by the National Intelligence Council, these include not only many important effects that we already see today but also potential high-impact and low-probability scenarios such as large-scale pandemics or significant economic and military disruptions. We believe these are exactly the sorts of cross-cutting policy areas where outside expertise is critical to helping policymakers anticipate and respond to technological trends. We are hoping to add further focus areas in the future.


Horizon runs several programs designed to support the next generation of emerging technology policy talent and to help government access the people it needs to navigate our era of rapid technological change.

Our fellowship program places fellows at host organizations to help tackle policy challenges related to our focus areas. Our fellows receive policy-focused training, mentorship, and support in matching with a host organization for a full-time, fully-funded fellowship placement in the Washington, DC area.

Our career resource compiles expert advice and resources for students and professionals interested in pursuing careers at the intersection of emerging technology and public service. The website aims to help talented individuals from different backgrounds by making high-quality career advice more accessible and inclusive.

Our other activities include hosting webinar series on what public service careers are like, running workshops to help individuals pursue policy opportunities, and providing individual talent support services such as career coaching, job notifications, and resume reviews.

Partners and supporters

Horizon was founded as a 501(c)(3) public charity in 2022. We are proud to partner with other public interest organizations that share our mission, including the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship, the Aspen Tech Policy Hub, the Brown University Pandemic Center, the National Security Career and Leadership Institute, the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs at Texas A&M UniversitySeedAI, and TechCongress.


Horizon is funded solely through philanthropic and individual donations; we do not accept government or corporate funds. Our funders include Open Philanthropy, which also incubated our fellowship program, the Lonsdale Family Philanthropic Fund, and the Maurice Amado Foundation, among others. You can find our fundraising and gift acceptance policy here. If you are interested in supporting Horizon's activities, please reach out.

Connect with us

Get in touch and learn more about Horizon. We are always eager to hear from aspiring public servants and potential partners.

Our Team



Co-Founder and Managing Director


Chief of Staff


Director of Content

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Senior Advisor


Senior Advisor


Co-Founder and Executive Director

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Director of Talent


Director of Programs and Events


Senior Advisor

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Senior Advisor

Advisory Board

Kari Bingen.jpg

Director of the Aerospace Security Project at CSIS and former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security


Professor of the Practice, Brown University School of Public Health; Former Senior Director for Global Health Security and Biodefense at the National Security Council

Richard Danzig.jpg

Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab; Former Secretary of the Navy

Jason Matheny.jpg

CEO of the RAND Corporation; Former White House Coordinator for Technology and National Security and IARPA Director

Michael Kratsios.jpg

Managing Director at ScaleAI; Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States and Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

Nadia Schadlow.jpg

Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy at the National Security Council

John Shanahan-Web Res-040.jpg

Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security; former inaugural Director of Project Maven and the Joint AI Center (JAIC) at the Department of Defense.

Honorable Andrew C. “Andy” Weber.jpg

Senior Fellow at the Council on Strategic Risks; Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs

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